Conversation design: how to humanize automated support


Your bot is an extension of your brand. And it’s likely the first interaction your customers will have with your company — so it’s crucial to make that experience a good one.

Here’s where conversation design comes in. By creating thoughtful, well-planned dialogue flows that keep customer experience front of mind, your bot can help deliver incredible automated support.

This free educational event covers:

  • What conversational design is and why it’s important
  • How to design bot-to-human conversations that drive business results and improve CX
  • A demonstration of how our dialogue builder enables advanced conversation design

Watch the on-demand recording.

In this event you’ll hear from industry experts


Reetu Kainulainen

CEO & Co-founder, Ultimate


Hans van Dam

CEO & Co-founder, Conversation Design Institute


Iveta Liaudanskaitė

Customer Support Automation Expert, TransferGo


Marika Sarén

Lead Automation Consultant, Ultimate


James Longbotham

Senior Solution Consultant, Ultimate


Joyce Yang

Product Manager, Ultimate

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