How to Humanize Your Automated Support

CEO of the Conversation Design Institute, Hans van Dam, with the supercharged CX lightning connector and a chatbot conversation flow.
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In this Supercharged CX session: It’s all about creating automated experiences that keep your customers front and center. We sit down with Hans van Dam, CEO of the Conversation Design Institute — to hear his tips, tricks, and best practices for how to humanize your automated support.

We all want better, fairer, faster CX. And with the Supercharged CX Series you can deliver this, and more. Over the course of 8 expert-led videos sessions — featuring some of the biggest names in CX — you’ll learn how. Kicking things off: Hans van Dam dives into the topic of humanizing automated interactions.

You can watch the full video here.

In an insight-packed conversation with Marika Sarén (our Lead Automation Consultant at Ultimate) Hans sums up the key steps in creating engaging chatbot experiences, and explains what led him to found the Conversation Design Institute. This world-class organization helps brands get the most out of conversational AI technology, by training them to design better bot-to-human dialogue flows.

A dialogue flow is the order of messages and actions that are triggered during an automated chat. Essentially, it’s the journey customers are taken on when interacting with a bot. Sharing his expertise in the field of conversation design, Hans  discusses how well-crafted dialogue flows can create more natural and human experiences with automation.

Here’s what this unmissable session has in store for you

  • Why a human-centric approach is so important when creating automated conversations
  • How conversation design can help businesses align automation goals with CX goals (while reducing costs)
  • Advice on how to create engaging bot-to-human interactions, plus 3 simple hacks to level up your automated chats
  • How — when done right — automation allows for greater personalization in customer support

And a whole lot more.

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