What Is a Dialogue Builder?

A robot having a conversation.

Having an AI chatbot present on your website will help customers find an answer to any queries they have even when all of your staff are busy or out of the office.

Chatbots are one of the best ways to solve the problem of human staff having to spend their time answering the same questions repeatedly. A dialogue builder will help to resolve a customer's queries by navigating them through various dialogue choices. The choices presented by the bot are designed to match consumer intent. Chatbots are either powered by AI, which means they learn from every interaction with a customer, or they make use of rule-based software, which means they've been pre-programmed to answer responses to specific questions.

AI Chatbots and Their Dialogue Options

AI chatbots can engage in different types of dialogue with customers. Standard dialogues occur when bots are able to work out a customer's request. If a bot is unable to determine a customer's request, a fallback dialogue is triggered. These usually consist of a short statement letting the customer know that their request was not understood and asking them to try again. If a chatbot can recognize a customer's request but can't direct them to their desired solution, it can request further clarity. AI chatbots provide customers with a flow of questions and answers until the desired outcome is reached.

The Impact of an AI Chatbot on Customer Service

By having an AI chatbot on its website, a business can automate a large number of its customer service conversations. Most routine customer service inquiries can be handled by a chatbot, which frees up staff to deal with more complex issues. The impact this can have on the customer's experience is massive, as it removes the need to wait for a human to respond, which means customers can receive quick answers at any time. A chatbot will always provide customers with a consistent experience. Humans can make mistakes and may provide incorrect information, but AI chatbots effortlessly provide reliably accurate information, whenever the customer needs it.

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