Ticket automation: your new strategy to beat the backlog blues

Tickets may not be the latest customer service technology, but email and webforms still represent the highest volume channels for a lot of support teams. In fact, in 2022, 57% of customers still rate email as their preferred support channel.

In this free digital event, you’ll:

  • Learn the best practices for harnessing the power of automation to transform your support inbox from global leaders in support and automation, Ultimate and Freshworks
  • Discuss the problems that huge amounts of backlog cause customer support teams and the opportunity automation presents
  • See a live demo of Ultimate and Freshdesk’s new ticket automation solution 
  • Hear from leading global brands who’ve used our ticket automation solution to slash their backlog

Watch the on-demand recording.

In this event you’ll hear from industry experts


Sarah Al-Hussaini

COO & Co-Founder, Ultimate


Ronald Gerber

Head of Customer Support, Tomorrow


Mai Belbesy

Product Manager, Ultimate


Colin Crowley

Senior Director Customer Success, Freshworks


Maeve Condell

Customer Success Lead, Ultimate


Will McInnes

CMO, Ultimate

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