Customer service trends 2023: How AI powers more rewarding CS careers

Many agents treat customer service roles as a stop-gap on their way to better and brighter things. Or at least they used to. Today, AI and automation are opening up new technical and strategic positions within support teams. ChatGPT's astronomical rise has revived the age-old debate about technology replacing people. But rather than AI taking agents’ jobs, it will make them more interesting — by giving agents the chance to develop technical and strategic skills around training or managing this tech.

Providing agents with opportunities for progression isn’t simply altruistic: it’s a smart business decision. According to Gartner, unhappy agents are 84% more likely to churn — and the cost of replacing a single agent is $14,113. Join us to find out how automation is shaping the field of CX and how companies can leverage automation to and retain talent and improve productivity.

In this event you’ll hear from industry experts


Izzy Burman

Head of Talent, Ultimate


Hans van Dam

CEO & Co-founder, Conversation Design Institute


Joyce Yang

Product Manager, Ultimate


Madison Hoffman

Director, Self-Service, Automation & Chatbot, Zendesk

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