Ultimate’s Training Center: 3 Ways it Improves AI Accuracy

Ultimate’s Knowledge and Training Coordinator, Joyce Yang.
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Our new, no-code Training Center makes your virtual agent smarter and more accurate in three key ways. Let’s take a look at the Message Training, Intent Training, and Confusion Matrix features.

Coach your bot to maximum accuracy in our new Training Center

CX automation creates a give-and-take relationship between your human and virtual agents: While your bot takes care of mundane and repetitive tasks, your customer support team has more time to focus on meaningful and complex cases.

But because the most advanced virtual agents use a groundbreaking technology called Natural Language Processing, (NLP), you’ll need a human touch to help your bot navigate the ambiguity of human expressions from time to time.

This is where your conversational AI team comes in: Closely guided by our Customer Success Team, you will be creating optimal dialogue flows and training your virtual agent using historical data in no time.

Not only that — once your bot is up and running, your team can continue to coach your bot to maximum accuracy with minimum effort using tools from our new Training Center. Think of the Training Center as a high grade gym with all the gear you need to get your conversational AI in top shape.

Your bot is heady to hit the gym when...

...you're not quite sure which intent to assign to an incoming message. Maybe there are two that could work.

...several members of your CX team are working independently from each other, causing an intent overlap.

...you want to know which intents are causing the biggest risk to your AI model’s accuracy.

How our customers helped us create more accurate conversations for their customers

Trust is a core value here at Ultimate. We collaborate closely with our customers, and our ability to build the world’s best virtual agents is fueled by their feedback. When creating our new Training Center, we asked our customers what they needed from us to help improve their experience with our conversational AI.

They told us that they wanted to:

  • train selected messages to new or existing intents,
  • review trained expressions and discover more expressions for each intent, and
  • filter out confused intents,

...all in one place.

So we got to work.

The result? Our new Training Center, a central hub in the Ultimate dashboard that improves AI accuracy. It does this in three key ways that we will dive into below.

Finding messages that matter using Message Training

With our Message Training function, you can review messages in real conversations, use advanced search to find the most impactful messages to train, and validate potential new intents. When searching for keywords, our AI understands all forms and spellings of a word, so typos or capitalization won’t falsify your results. You can also use logical operators, like “and”, or “not”, as well as advanced filters to specify character length or message quality. Then, you can just drag your highest scoring messages to an existing intent, or easily create a new one.

“Message Training is an extremely powerful tool to search through all of the messages that your customers have ever written to your bot. Each message has a quality and confidence metric scored by our AI to help you lazer in on those messages that will be most useful for training.”

- Michal Mischker, Senior Product Manager at Ultimate

Building confidence through Intent Training

Intent training helps you find intents that need further training. Not only does our AI suggest which messages should be trained to which intents, it also shows you the quality and intent prediction confidence of each message to filter your view. You can also see which intents have been used most frequently within the last 30 days.

Creating clarity with our Confusion Matrix

With our Confusion Matrix, you can see which intents are creating a potential risk to the accuracy of your AI model due to an overlap. Once you’ve spotted confused intents, you can easily jump in and directly fix them.

Is your bot ready to flex its muscles?