Ultimate and Premium Plus Are Joining Forces

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Our shared focus on custom-built solutions — designed with each company’s individual needs in mind — will raise the bar for what brands can achieve with AI-powered automation.

Just in: Ultimate is proud to announce our new partnership with Premium Plus, a leading customer experience consultancy company (and Zendesk Premier Partner). The team at Premium Plus work hard to provide their customers with the right processes, tools, and training to deliver faster, better customer experiences. Anytime, anywhere.

Delivering holistic support and seamless CX

Premium Plus offers a one-stop-shop for customer service solutions. They make sure that all of your tools and tech seamlessly integrate with one another. Combined with our headless automation platform — that sits right inside your existing tech stack — we help our customers deliver holistic automated experiences across all channels and touch points.

“We welcome Premium Plus’ fresh approach to customer experience and we look forward to building an innovative partnership program together.”

- Weronika Boron, Partnerships Manager, Ultimate

With 10+ years of worldwide experience and a strong focus on retail and sporting industries, Premium Plus is changing the game for CX. In addition to winning the Zendesk Partner Award 3 times, they've been named Zendesk's Global Partner of the year, demonstrating Premium Plus' dedication to providing exceptional CX solutions.


Find out more about Premium Plus here.

Here’s why we’re the most powerful duo since Serena and Venus

  • We offer advanced AI-powered automation solutions, that use natural language understanding and conversational AI, to improve customer service and engagement
  • Our flexibility and scalability helps meet the diverse needs of different clients across all industries
  • Our joint expertise and innovation means we’re at the forefront of industry developments and are continuously improving our products and services

“Together with Ultimate, we will continue to innovate and push the boundaries of AI-powered automation, creating a brighter future for our customers and the industry as a whole.”

- Thomas D’Hoe, COO, Premium Plus

With our shared passion for personalization and building bespoke solutions, it’s game over for the competition.

Let’s grow together