Why Customer-Centricity Upgrades CX

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Listen up, brands: CX is not about you. So let your customers be the hero of this story. In this Supercharged CX session, Nate Brown shares why customer-centricity is at the heart of every successful support strategy.

As Senior Director of CX at Arise and Co-founder of CX Accelerator, Nate Brown lives and breathes support. And in this Supercharged CX video session, he shares his customer-focused philosophy.

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In conversation with Will McInnes, our Chief Marketing Officer at Ultimate, Nate explains that brands need to take the focus off themselves when it comes to CX. Instead of the hero, support leaders need to be the guide — and help each customer find their own version of success.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this insights-packed session:

  • How support leaders can reduce friction within organizations and make it easier for agents to service their customers (hint: it’s all about knowledge sharing)
  • Why strong self-service and asynchronous support options should be at the heart of modern CX strategies
  • How creating a community of loyal customers around brands and products is the future of CX
  • Plus, what brands can do to refocus on their customers — and how this can also inspire agents.

And there’s more where that came from. Check out Nate’s interview in our Industry Insights blog series —  and if you missed the Supercharged CX session on recession-proofing your support, you can watch it here.

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