Speak Your Customers’ Language — Literally — with our Multilingual VAs

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Scale successfully today — with our new technology that lets you understand your customers in the language of their choice, add new languages within minutes, and efficiently manage them all in a single virtual agent.

Seamlessly scaled support: quality or speed?

Multilingual support is a key asset for companies looking to expand globally. And it can be just what you need to strengthen relationships with your existing customers through localization.

But recruiting and maintaining enough support agents on staff for each language can be tricky, especially when dealing with different time zones that may not align with your office hours.

Many support automation vendors have rushed to fill the gap with multilingual automation, but end up facing a common dilemma in the process: Building and properly training multiple virtual agents for multiple languages will cost your business time, money, and effort.

And while deferring to off-the-shelf solutions based on translation engines may allow for a quick setup, they’re also notoriously inaccurate. Cutting corners with machine translations leads to a high error rate when interpreting customer intents, not to mention low bot handled rates. Meanwhile, faulty or grammatically incorrect messages can wreak havoc on your brand identity.

So will businesses looking to scale with automation be forever forced to choose between quality and speed when it comes to serving their customers around the world?

Not anymore, thanks to a groundbreaking new multilingual virtual agent developed by our product team this quarter.

Working smart, not hard, with world-class AI expertise

We at Ultimate started training our multilingual AI models in Finnish. While this proved challenging at first — Finnish grammar is considered among the most complex worldwide — it also forced us to come up with the most innovative automation technology possible.

Today, we run virtual agents powered by a multilingual AI model pre-trained on 17 billion monolingual sentences. What that means for you is that you can train our AI-powered virtual agent platform in any one language, and it will instantly understand incoming chat and email messages in 108 others.

Once you’ve built replies for one language, you can easily duplicate and translate them.

In addition, your multilingual virtual agent can:

  • automatically detect your customers’ entered languages in your chat and email support

  • match languages based on locale parameters from your CRM

  • further localize by adapting to different regional dialects (like Brazilian Portuguese) or registers of formality (particularly relevant in the DACH or French-speaking regions) using CRM locale data.

The best part?

You can make all of this happen within one. single. virtual agent.

Good ROI is good ROI in any language

Why is this a game changer?

Because our new all-in-one multilingual virtual agent won’t just help you expand your reach and improve your customer experience - it’s also significantly easier to manage and monitor, saving your support team time and money.

“Adding more languages has become easier than ever. As soon as you’ve translated your replies, your virtual agent is ready to respond to your customers,” says our Senior Product Manager, Michał Mischker, adding that:

“While we recommend training the bot in addition to duplicating translated replies, you will still see your training effort reduced by 75% over having to manage multiple virtual agents for multilingual support.”

- Michał Mischker, Senior Product Manager at Ultimate

In other words, yes! You can have it all: Best-in-class AI, instant support, and the easiest setup and automation management imaginable — in 109 languages.

Going global with Ultimate

Whether they were looking to go global or further personalize their existing customer experiences, here’s how our customers have benefited from automated multilingual support:

Fintech company TransferGo scaled like a pro by automating. Read on to learn how they helped their customers across Europe send money home in minutes using multilingual chat automation by Ultimate.

Tomorrow offers support to their green banking customers in both English and German, with the help of a multilingual virtual agent — and they plan to add more European languages in their near future.

Support your customers, wherever they are