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January 2023


Welcome back to your monthly dose of insights into customer support automation from your friends at Ultimate!

In this month’s edition:

  • Beyond the hype: Here’s how to harness the potential of ChatGPT
  • An agent reveals the often overlooked secret to support automation success
  • The latest, greatest, most up-to-date CS trends, brought to you by... you!
  • Read the savvy CFO’s automation playbook
  • Get your degree in CS success: discover the most important metrics at the Customer Support Academy



ChatGPT and how AI disrupts industries

We asked ChatGPT to summarize the article we’re featuring, to make it more newsy, and relate it to customer service. Here’s what it came up with:

OpenAI's latest artificial intelligence tool, ChatGPT, has the potential to revolutionize the customer service industry. With the ability to answer inquiries, write code, and create legal documents, ChatGPT and other AI technologies are changing the way companies interact with their customers and streamlining the process of providing efficient, personalized service.

While there is a concern that these advancements may replace certain human roles, the integration of AI in customer service also presents opportunities for new jobs and different types of organizations. As AI continues to improve, it will be important for companies to find ways to adapt and utilize these technologies in a way that benefits both the business and its customers.

Not bad, right? ChatGPT isn’t replacing our content writers anytime soon, but it’s clearly changing the way we work. And those that refuse to adapt to these changes might just be out of a job in the not-so-distant future.

Read how to harness AI



What’s the overlooked secret to support automation success? The employee experience

You know the more obvious benefits of automation: Businesses save money and customers get what they need, fast. But the most successful CX strategies hinge on one, hugely underrated aspect: agent experience.

The average support agent churn rate hovers around 40%, and the average cost of turning over a single rep sets businesses back by $14,113. So it’s clear that any successful CX strategy needs to start with agents in the support trenches.

Here’s how automation helped one agent turn his work in customer support from a job to a career.

“I noticed that automation was producing knock-on effects for the businesses I worked at that radiated well beyond the trenches.”

- Hosam Hassan

Read Hosam’s story



Community Corner: Ultimate’s experts predict the future of CS

2023’s top customer support trends, tailor-made for you and brought to you by… you! 

That’s right, this community corner features predictions on what CS will look like in 2023 from experts like Hans van Dam, CEO of Conversation Design Institute, Jo Causon, CEO of Institute of Customer Service, Tim Sheard, Director, Tech Alliances at Zendesk, and from you — the hundreds of CX experts and practitioners who shared your experiences through Ultimate-led surveys and anonymized usage data.

Get ready for learnings from top biz leaders, recession-proof predictions from CX influencers, and tangible tips & takeaways from the most innovative brands across industries. 

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The CFO’s guide to maximizing ROI with support automation

In the face of recent economic uncertainty, instead of putting blanket freezes on all spending, savvy CFOs are turning to technology that can deliver proven ROI. 

That’s why we’ve put together this CFO’s playbook to implementing automation to achieve short-term cost savings and long-term benefits like reduced agent churn and increased customer retention.

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Customer Support Academy: Customer service success metrics

How do you measure something as intangible as customer service? Of course there are metrics to track productivity, but what about customer service quality? 

This module will take the guesswork out of measuring customer service success. In it, you’ll take a deep dive into the most important metrics for customer support, learn how to measure them, and find out how improving them translates into tangible business benefits.

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