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Quickly and easily estimate the impact AI will have on your customer support

How it works:


1. Connect your CRM

Import your historical conversations directly from your CRM with just one click.


2. Let the AI analyze the data

Identify your main customer queries and find your automation potential in seconds.


3. Receive your free customized report

Explore the results and decide what to automate to drive ROI and improve CX.


Run the CS Automation Explorer to:

• Find your potential automation rate based on your historical conversations

• See how many hours of agent time you could save with automation

• Identify your most repetitive topics so you know what to automate first


Identify where your resources are best spent

Use your results to determine how automation will help you scale across languages or time zones, improve KPIs like CSAT, average handling time (AHT), and first response time (FRT), and where your customer support still needs a human touch.

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