Ultimate and Klaus Are Teaming Up to Deliver Smarter Support With AI


At Ultimate, we’re delighted to be partnering with the coolest cats in customer experience: support quality management platform Klaus.

Want to see more loyal customers and lower churn? Then say hello to the AI-powered tag team of your dreams: Ultimate x Klaus.

We’re proudly partnering with the CX-obsessed team at Klaus. Their customer service management platform helps global brands to run an effective QA process, coach agents, and increase customer retention — using the latest AI technology.

Innovating for our customers

Using AI to pinpoint and fix gaps in their customers’ support operations, Klaus works with leading brands across the US and Europe to drive revenue through exceptional CX. Their happy customers include streaming platform SoundCloud, international money transfer provider Wise, ride hailing company Bolt, and many more.

So what does this exceptional CX look like? We’re talking higher agent productivity, increased first contact resolutions, and lower handling times — creating lifelong customers along the way.

“Klaus and Ultimate share the vision that the future of CX lies in doing more with less, while not compromising on quality. With the help of support-AI businesses are able to gain and retain revenue through excellent customer support and create happy customers along the way.”

Merily Leis Rabbi, Head of Marketing, Klaus

Our shared passion for innovation (both of our teams have already built the technology behind ChatGPT into our product offerings) means the companies we work with can be sure they’re operating at the cutting edge of CX.

“With Ultimate’s advanced automation platform and Klaus’ ability to identify gaps in customer service, you can rest assured that your support team is set up for success. We’re excited to embark on a journey towards customer service excellence together.”

Sylvain Mlodyszewski, Director of Partnerships, Ultimate

Here’s what you can expect from our collab

  • AI-powered support solutions where machines lay the groundwork for customer service excellence
  • Intelligent tools to maximize the productivity of your customer service teams and make agents’ jobs more rewarding
  • Smart support strategies that help companies to cut costs without sacrificing CX quality

“We’re here to do things differently and really have an impact on the industry.”

Merily Leis Rabbi, Head of Marketing, Klaus

And at Ultimate we’re fully aligned with this mission — “impact” is even one of our 4 core values. That’s why we’re the purrfect match for Klaus.

Let’s grow together