Ultimate’s New Partnership With Ecommerce Powerhouse, GEC Digital

The Ultimate and GEC Digital logos on a blue gradient background.

By bringing together GEC Digital’s ecommerce expertise and our powerful conversational AI platform, we’re shaping the future of customer communications.

Just announced: Ultimate is proud to be partnering with ecommerce expansion experts, GEC digital. This leading consultancy company supports European fashion brands to supercharge their customer experience, drive efficiency, and scale around the globe. GEC Digital is trusted by giants of the retail world — and count major fashion labels and ecommerce brands as their happy customers.

“We’re excited to be working with experts in the digital retail space who can bring their experience onboard. Thanks to our partnership with GEC Digital we can provide the best experience for our customers, so they can do the same for theirs.”

- Weronika Boron, Partnerships Manager, Ultimate

Shaping the future of CX, together

The way customers communicate with brands is changing. Gone are the days when they were willing to be put on hold or wait for three days to receive an answer via email. Today, customers want instant support across all digital channels.

To keep up with these demands, the most CX-focussed companies are starting to evolve. And Ultimate and GEC Digital are helping them to do this.

“The future of customer communication lies in chat and virtual agents, supported by content creation and live agents. Ultimate offers a platform that is best-in-class in this field.”

- Geert-Jan Vintges, Director, GEC Digital

Providing a holistic support solution

Here are just some of the benefits brands will see when they pair GEC Digital’s ecommerce expertise with Ultimate’s automation know-how:

  • Fast, accurate, and more joyful communication with customers
  • Digital support across the channels your customers use
  • More possibilities for self-service and content database management
  • Data-driven AI-powered solutions that improve over time

“Combining Ultimate’s platform with other GEC Digital services such as Zendesk, returns management, and analytics and reporting offers our clients an end-to-end solution for their customer service.”

- Geert-Jan Vintges, Director, GEC Digital

Providing a better ecommerce customer experience for customers at lower cost? Yep, it’s possible. With Ultimate and GEC Digital you can do all this (and more).

Let’s grow together