The Best of Both Worlds: Ultimate x PolyAI’s Omnichannel Customer Support Solution

The Ultimate and PolyAI logos on a blue and purple gradient background.

Ultimate and PolyAI are joining forces to bring you enterprise-level automation solutions across all voice and text-based channels. 

At long last, you can have the best of both worlds: AI-powered automated customer support across both voice and text-based communication channels. This exciting innovation is made possible by our new partnership with PolyAI, the leading provider of customer-led voice assistants.

Combining Ultimate’s industry-leading customer support automation platform and PolyAI’s next-generation voice capabilities means that businesses can now offer their customers round-the-clock, omnichannel support, in any language. Essentially this powerful duo will help you deliver more human-like experiences to resolve customer issues more accurately and in a more engaging way.

“We’re excited to connect PolyAI’s best-in-class capabilities in voice with Ultimate’s best-in-class capabilities in chat to help enterprises deliver human-like experiences across every channel for their customers.”

Michael Chen, Head of Partnerships, PolyAI 

Customer-led conversations across all channels

The Ultimate x PolyAI partnership puts your customer in the driver’s seat. Customers can choose how to contact you and know they’ll be understood regardless of what they say and whichever language they say it in. PolyAI’s voice assistants allow callers to speak naturally, interrupt, ask questions, and dive in and out of different topics without the need to repeat themselves. And Ultimate’s platform enables your customers to contact you whenever is most convenient for them across chat, email, social media and more, in 109 languages. Put them together and your customers get the most convenient omnichannel conversational experiences and you can resolve customer requests efficiently at scale.

Industry-leading conversational and generative AI technology

Ultimate’s in-house team of AI experts has been on the forefront of the latest AI technology for the last 6 years. Our newest product, UltimateGPT — an integration with ChatGPT that enables near-instant bot building with unmatched accuracy and human-like conversations — is a testament to this ongoing commitment to innovation. So we’re the perfect partners for PolyAI. Born in the same University of Cambridge lab that pioneered speech recognition, PolyAI is powered by a team of dialogue scientists and machine learning engineers that are leaders in the field of conversational AI, with over 200 published papers and 12,000 citations.

What we bring to the table together

Together, PolyAI and Ultimate are aligned in our shared focus on sectors like financial services, travel, and ecommerce but beyond that, here’s what you can expect from our collaboration:

  • A true omnichannel platform that allows you to resolve customer issues whenever and wherever is most convenient for your customers
  • A multilingual solution that understands any language, accent or dialect to create engaging experiences for all
  • Ongoing support from a diverse team of recognition engineers, dialogue scientists, linguists, software engineers, and customer success specialists who will help improve the performance and the ROI of your solution

“I was struck from day one by how lifelike the voice automation solutions from PolyAI were. After a few exchanges it only seemed natural to partner up, to provide our customers with best-in-class solutions for a seamless experience!”

Sylvain Mlodyszewski, Director of Partnerships, Ultimate

With this partnership, we look forward to delivering the best-in-class conversational experiences for customers across all channels and continuing to explore the latest technologies to do so in the future. 

Let’s grow together