Ultimate and babelforce are Linking Up to Provide a Humanized Approach to Omnichannel Automation


The future of AI is omnichannel. By partnering with our friends at babelforce, we’re proud to provide automation solutions to our enterprise customers that extend across all voice and text-based channels.

We’re very excited to announce our latest partnership with babelforce. For ten years, they have been the premiere voice automation platform for enterprise customers in the ecommerce, insurance, and utilities industries – here in Berlin and beyond.


Combining Ultimate’s industry-leading social messaging, ticket, and chat automation capabilities with babelforce’s voice bot solution, you will now be able to:

  • Use conversational AI to enhance your services in both text-based chat and voice channels 
  • Automate any routine tasks and allow agents to focus on providing great service
  • Empower your team with no-code design tools to up-skill themselves from customer support managers to full CX automation experts

“The partnership between babelforce and Ultimate is going to be the first thing that comes to mind when buyers think about VoiceBot and chat automation. It’s as simple as that; we’re going to set a standard that other businesses will struggle to meet.”

Pierce Buckley, CEO and Co-founder, babelforce

Upping the ‘omni’ in omnichannel automation

AI is going multidimensional. Through the babelforce x Ultimate partnership, you will be able to automate across an even wider array of channels – from ticket and chat to phone. With the power of conversational and generative AI, you can provide instant support on any of these while still delivering a natural conversational experience. And you can do all of this in over 70+ languages for voice and 109+ languages for chat. 

“With babelforce and Ultimate pairing together, our customers can now provide multilingual support in both voice and chat options- talk about changing the customer support game!"

Sylvain Mlodyszewski, Director of Partnerships, Ultimate

Human-centered AI for a more joyful CX 

Empathy, ingenuity, and problem solving aren’t things you can automate. Human agents are just as important as ever, and your AI solution should be seen as a helping hand. Through this partnership between babelforce and Ultimate, you’ll be able to automate your most repetitive tasks. This way, your agents can devote their time to offering customers the best possible support experience, and your customers will have more options to receive instant, 24/7 support. That’s a win/win for everyone.

Together with our shared values on creating humanized automated experiences, we look forward to providing our customers with the best-in-class automation solutions that extend across more channels than ever before.

Let’s grow together