You heard it hier first! Our Partnership with Leafworks


Our industry leading platform for conversational AI is partnering with the biggest Zendesk premier partner in the DACH market.

LEAFWORKS is a young and rapidly growing consulting company specializing in Zendesk app integration and automation of customer service and business processes across Zendesk, CRM, BI and ERP systems. Their creativity and strong focus on ROI makes them the perfect partner for customers from high-growth start-ups to enterprises — and for Ultimate.

“We are absolutely convinced that a long-term partnership with Ultimate will improve automation rates for our clients, bringing massive value to businesses and joyful experiences to their customers.”

-Robert Cwicinski, CEO, Leafworks

Here’s why we go together like beers and pretzels:

  • We’re both focused on providing businesses across industries with joyful customer experiences using automation
  • We’re the ultimate Zendesk experts
  • We’re efficiency-enablers, saving businesses from start-ups to corporations time and money with our automation tools and expertise

“Partnering with Leafworks means working with one of best performing Zendesk Premier Partners in Germany. This partnership will elevate the standard of how customer experiences are being delivered by brands across all industries. We’re looking forward to achieving great successes with Leafworks!”

- Sylvain Mlodyszewski, Partnerships Lead, Ultimate

When using Ultimate with Leafworks, customers can expect a top-notch Zendesk setup, well integrated into their system landscape and optimized customer service processes.

“We see Ultimate as one of the leading conversational AI tools with a strong focus on the Zendesk ecosystem, which makes them a valued partner to us.”

-Malte Lensch, Senior Consultant at Leafworks

And because Ultimate’s AI is multilingual, Leafworks can easily complement their offerings for businesses in the DACH and Spanish markets, which they specialize in.

¡Arriba, Zendesk and Leafworks!

Let’s grow together... help our customers scale