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Multilingual Customer Service Automation

Ultimate.ai automates your repetitive customer service cases and guides your agents with answer recommendations through complex tasks. Scale your team and improve CX with 24/7 multilingual customer support.

Improve customer experiences and save on headcount with end-to-end customer service automation.


Automate repetitive cases and actions entirely

Be there for your customers, anywhere, anytime. Our simple to use tools help you automate up to 80% of inquiries, eliminate manual work and streamline processes for your agents. All in over 100+ languages.

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Guide your agents through complex cases

Suggest responses for your agents in real time. Resolve cases faster and give higher quality, more on-brand answers. Let your agents train your AI as they work, with each selection improving the accuracy of your automated and suggested responses. 

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Be agile with actionable customer service analytics

Use real-time insights into key customer inquiries to improve your automation level, your customer experience and your business. Unlock a whole new world of customer feedback.

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Ultimate.ai supports your entire customer service team

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  • Customer Service Agents 48
  • Managers 48
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Customers 48
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Delightful experiences = happy, loyal customers.

  1. Faster responses with improved resolutions.
  2. Personalised self-service interactions.
  3. 24/7 multilingual customer support.
  4. Unified automated experience across omnichannel.
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Customer Service Agents

Supercharge your agents with artificial intelligence.

  1. Suggested responses help agents work faster and easier.
  2. Improve agent confidence in complex situations.
  3. Repetitive, manual tasks are automated away.
  4. Email and chat routing reduces agent transfers.
  5. Seamlessly integrated into existing CRM and workflows.
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Easily track and improve performance.

  1. Automate repetitive customer inquiries.
  2. Improve KPIs like wait times, AHTs and NPS.
  3. Visual builder tools to automate workflows.
  4. Onboard new agents quickly with AI guidance.
  5. Improve agent satisfaction and reduce churn.
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Scale your operations, instantly.

  1. Increase the capacity of your customer service operations.
  2. Add new geographies and languages with ease.
  3. Save millions annually on headcount.
  4. Improve customer loyalty and reduce churn.
  5. Deliver industry leading customer experiences.


Integrated with all major contact centres

Retain your existing workflows by integrating Ultimate.ai with your existing customer relationship software.

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We launched in early December and by Christmas ultimate.ai was automating +80% of customer requests in our Christmas chat line. It was a no brainer! Lasse Huttunen, Director of Strategy & Development, Posti
  • 80% automation of repetitive cases
  • 24/7 Posti provides round the clock support
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We chose ultimate.ai for the strength of their technology and their multi-language capabilities. Satu Karaksela, Digital Customer Services, Finnair
  • +46% Faster first response times
  • +31% Faster average response times
  • +25% More cases handled per hour
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