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Up your efficiency without sacrificing CX

Drive cost per interaction down and CSAT up with a custom-built virtual agent powered by conversational AI that:

  • Automates 60% of customer requests across digital support channels
  • Provides instant, 24/7 support in 109 languages
  • Delivers instant, measurable ROI and cost savings
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Seamless, speedy CRM integrations

Plug Ultimate into your current CRM with just one click. The result? No data silos and a no-code automation platform your team will love. You’ll be streamlining support across chat, messaging, email, and social in no time. 


Build a support center that pays for itself

Turn your support team into a revenue driver with a virtual agent that automates repetitive requests. It will cut operational costs, maximize the ROI of the tech you already use, free up your agents to focus on complex cases that need a human touch, and improve CX to create lifelong, loyal customers.

Drive more revenue

Launch in less than 3 weeks and see rapid results

Automation may seem complex, but set-up is easy. Onboarding is tailored to your company’s unique goals so you can get up and running fast. In a few short weeks, you’ll be providing better, faster, more joyful customer experiences and driving rapid results with customer service automation.

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The top ecommerce, finance, travel, telco & healthtech companies use Ultimate to increase efficiency and maximize ROI

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Rating G2

“Ultimate enables us to grant 24/7 support. Our support team is now able to concentrate on more complex topics. The biggest benefit is scalability. The bot instantly took 39% of all requests from the shoulders of our agents. That's the benefit of first-class onboarding.”

Martin F, Head of Customer Support, Mid-Market
Rating G2

"Our complex use case seems to work beyond expectations. I have experience with competitors' products and from my personal POV, it seems Ultimate's AI algorithm is a step ahead."

Atte K, Mid-Market
Rating G2

“Volumes of customer care requests are increasing and chat is an expensive channel to handle without any automation. Using Ultimate allowed us to scale up chat and make it a strategically important channel, when a significant share of chat requests can be automatically handled by the Ultimate chatbot.”

Jenni J, Technical Product Manager, Payment Fraud, Enterprise
Rating G2

"We were looking for a provider that integrates seamlessly with Zendesk and can do more than automate FAQs. Today we automate complex end-to-end conversations and processes, categorize tickets and help our agents navigate through their daily chats."

Aditya J, Co-Founder & COO, Small Business

G2 average rating
Leader on G2

Streamline your support and save money