Webinar: Steps to AI Success

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are no longer things of the future. They are here now and businesses that are embracing these technologies are reaping the benefits tenfold. And you can, too. At our free digital event, we showed you how.

We heard from these experts:

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Carl de Barra

Customer Success Manager, Ultimate


Ollie McAree

CAE Sales Manager, Zendesk

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Patrick Dunford

Head of Customer Care, Deezer

From always-on support to backend systems that can triage tickets faster than any human team, this versatile technology has quickly raised customer expectations on what it means to offer best-in-class service without needing to scale your team.

Our expert speakers discussed the unique challenges for leaders like you as they grapple with how to best use AI to deliver tangible business value.


Watch this free event, and learn:

  1. The 5 steps to getting started with automation
  2. Newly emerging AI and conversational trends CX leaders need to be aware of
  3. How Ultimate and Zendesk see AI being used most effectively for CX
  4. Common AI traps businesses fall into

Learn how to do more with less - with AI