Aircall x Ultimate: Measuring the success of your customer support

Is automation worth the investment in challenging economic times?

Yes, absolutely.

While companies are tightening their belts, customer expectations show no sign of falling. But with Ultimate’s CS automation expertise and Aircall’s ability to provide instant phone support, you’ll be set up for success.

Join us on Tuesday December 6 at 4 PM CET / 3 PM GMT.

You’ll learn how to maximize automation ROI and align efficiency with superior CX — transforming your customer service from a cost center to a value center. This data-driven digital event will cover how to measure rapid results from automation. We’ll outline the most important metrics and look at how automating your support translates into maximum ROI.

This live educational event will cover:

  • Essential business and automation metrics to track
  • The hidden costs of not automating your customer support
  • How Ultimate and Aircall help streamline support operations and drive efficiency — transforming your customer service from a cost center to a value center

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In this event you’ll hear from industry experts

Frances Jan Naguit, the Mid-Market Customer Success Manager at Ultimate.

Frances Jan Naguit

Mid-Market Customer Success Manager, Ultimate

Avril Doyle, the Customer Success Team Manager at Aircall.

Avril Doyle

Customer Success Team Manager, Aircall

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