Why customers love Ultimate


Seamless integration

We take a unique, headless-first approach, so your bot works with all the tech you already use and sits as an agent within your CRM.


GPT-4-powered, gen AI bots

Our generative AI product, UltimateGPT, allows you to create a bot that’s custom-built on your help center in minutes.


Customer support tailored to you

We have offices across Europe, remote workers around the globe, and a hands-on CS team that speaks 10+ languages.


Easy-to-use Dialogue Builder

Our visual, intuitive tool is made to scale easily and create complex dialogue flows with advanced personalization.


Data stored in the EU

We are SOC 2 Type-2 & GDPR compliant, with all data stored securely on Azure EU servers, so you know your customer data is safe.


109 languages at native fluency

Offer localized, multilingual support with our language-agnostic platform that understands 109 languages.

Ultimate vs. Ada: Where Ultimate wins

  • Support across all digital channels Tooltip
    Including chat, email, social media and messaging apps
    No email response automation. Has the limited ability to create and update tickets.
  • Backend integrations Tooltip
    API calls/HTTP request blocks
    Unlimited API calls and backend integrations
    Limited to 2 HTTP Request Blocks with the Advanced plan and 4 with the Pro plan
  • Zendesk themselves use this platform to automate their support
  • Channels supported in combination with Sunshine Conversations
    • WhatsApp
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Twitter DM
    • Instagram Direct
    • Twilio SMS
    • Sunshine Conversations Web Messenger
    • Apple Messages for Business
    • LINE
    • MessageBird SMS
    • Native Android SDK
    • Native iOS SDK
    • Telegram
    • Viber
    • WhatsApp
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Twitter DM
    • Instagram Direct
    • Twilio SMS
    • Sunshine Conversations Web Messenger
  • Advanced analytics available with all plans

Ultimate customer success stories

Why Taskrabbit chose Ultimate over 12 other competitors

Taskrabbit evaluated many automation platforms — including Ada — to determine who could best meet their unique needs: providing localized support across regions and languages. This combined with ease of use and implementation is why they chose Ultimate. 

Read Taskrabbit's story


Why Lush chose Ultimate (and how we helped them save 5 minutes per ticket)

Lush started out as support automation skeptics, but their support team was overwhelmed with email tickets. Once they saw Ultimate’s customer-centric approach and realized that automation actually gave them more time to engage with their customers, the team soon became AI enthusiasts. 

Read Lush's story

What our customers have to say

We could brag about our seamless integration into your CRM, our in-depth onboarding bootcamp, and our world-class AI that drives real results. But why take it from us? Check out these G2 reviews from real customers.


“Ultimate is not just a chatbot but a flexible tool that has allowed us to do the following things rapidly: React to trends in contact reasons, use a data-driven approach to impact customer experiences, innovate and experiment to test new customer experiences and track how our users react.”

Madison H, Senior Manager, Chatbot Operations, Enterprise


“We were looking for a provider that integrates seamlessly with Zendesk and can do more than automate FAQs. Today we automate complex end-to-end conversations and processes, categorize tickets and help our agents navigate through their daily chats.”

Aditya J, Co-Founder & COO, Small Business


“Ultimate enables us to grant 24/7 support. Our support team is now able to concentrate on more complex topics. The biggest benefit is scalability. The bot instantly took 39% of all requests from the shoulders of our agents. That's the benefit of first-class onboarding.”

Martin F, Head of Customer Support, Mid-Market

Disclaimer: All the information mentioned above has been obtained from public sources. We have made every attempt to ensure that the information presented is free from any discrepancies and is accurate as of September 2023.

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