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Instantly scale your support team

Improve your customer experience and increase your team’s productivity by adding a conversational virtual agent to your customer service team.

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What is the Ultimate Concierge?

Live Chat Widget + Virtual Agent

The Ultimate Concierge combines a customizable live chat widget that’s integrated into your website with sophisticated conversational AI technology that speaks your industry’s language.

Why you’ll love the Ultimate Concierge

Chat Routing 48

Reduce Contacts

Automate up to 60% of your most repetitive customer service requests, allowing your agents to focus on more challenging cases

Language Agnostic 48

Support Customers

Speak to your customers 24/7, in any language, on their preferred channel, without hiring a single live chat agent

Backend Integrations 48

Connect to your CRM

Integrate into your existing CRM (or start from scratch!) and begin automating in as little as 3 weeks

How the Ultimate live chat solution works:


Plugs into your website

The chat widget seamlessly integrates into the backend of your existing website. And it’s completely customizable, so it looks and feels like your brand.

CRM integrations

Integrates with your current contact center

Our AI integrates into your existing CRM and identifies your most common customer requests or uses a pre-built model that’s an expert in your industry.

Dashboard analytics ticket auto

Interacts with customers & resolves problems

Via live chat, your customers contact your Virtual Agent, who is able to resolve customer issues or point them in the right direction using highly accurate AI.

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Escalates to live agents when necessary

In complex cases, your Virtual Agent forwards relevant information as an email ticket, seamlessly looping in your live agents so they can use their human touch.

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We spoke to other providers but we really liked your product because it’s easy to use, easy to set up, and cost effective for us. Now, because of ultimate.ai, we can serve our customers 24/7. Aynsley Peet, Cox & Cox
60% automation rate
<4 weeks until virtual agents went live

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