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Reetu Kainulainen (Co-founder & CEO), Sarah Al-Hussaini (Co-Founder & COO) and Markus Rautio (Co-Founder & Lead Developer). Please note that Co-Founder & CSO Jaakko Pasanen is not on the image.

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Looking for a keynote speaker or an expert to interview?

We are proud of the expertise each member of our team brings to our company. We want to share our knowledge. Our ultimate experts offer insights into the latest developments in AI and how they will impact customer service and experiences globally; the Future of Work; deep technologies; and more. 


Ultimate Ai Portrait 884
Reetu Kainulainen

Co-Founder and CEO

Reetu is CEO and Co-Founder of, the leading platform for customer service automation. He is mission-driven to transform how customer service works for brands and customers worldwide.

Reetu on LinkedIn
Ultimate Ai Portrait 493
Sarah Al-Hussaini

Co-Founder and COO

Sarah is an inspirational founder and role-model for many women in tech and AI. Her expertise covers a broad range of topics: from customer service automation to leadership and female empowerment.

Sarah on LinkedIn
Ultimate Ai Portrait 858
Markus Rautio

Co-Founder and CTO

Markus is a tech-expert with a passion for AI - especially natural language processing. Markus has a profound knowledge of how to build robust, enterprise solutions built upon deep technologies.

Markus on LinkedIn
Ultimate Ai Portrait 290
Jaakko Pasanen

Co-Founder and CSO

Jaakko is a leading mind in the area of practical AI development and research for natural language understanding. He speaks about neural networks, artificial intelligence and innovation through AI.

Jaakko on LinkedIn
00100sr PORTRAIT 00100 BURST20200316164956725 COVER 01
Tina Nord

Director of Marketing

Tina is a Marketing and communication expert who is passionate about women in tech and AI. She speaks at various conferences about Marketing, growth or AI strategy.

Tina on LinkedIn
Ultimate Ai Portrait 863
Joonas Suoranta

VP Customer Success

Joonas is an innovation enthusiast with a deep understanding of conversational AI. He and his team have built over 100 different conversational AI solutions for 11 languages.

Joonas on LinkedIn
Ultimate Ai Portrait 784
Mike McCarthy

Head of Sales

Mike is a sales leader and an expert in Europe’s leading customer service automation platform: Mike helps brands focus on what really matters: the customer.

Mike on LinkedIn
Ultimate Ai Portrait 607
Udi Miron

Head of Product

Udi has a strong background in product development and data analysis. He is an expert for AI-based products that deliver true business value.

Udi on LinkedIn
Ultimate Ai Portrait 703
Franziska Hempel

Lead Engineer

Franziska has more than 13 years of experience in web and frontend development for AI companies. She is passionate about women in tech, and designing and developing web products that users love.

Franziska on LinkedIn Press Reviews

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Keine Angst vor künstlicher Intelligenz im Kundenservice

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The new world needs diverse founders more than ever

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