Customer service automation for Giosg Live Chat

Multilingual answer guidance and case automation in Giosg Live Chat. Deflect over 30% of chats. Boost agent results. Deliver exceptional customer experiences

Improve experiences and save on headcount with end-to-end customer service automation


Automate repetitive cases and actions in Giosg Live Chat

Be there for your customers, anywhere, anytime. Our simple to use tools help you automate up to 80% of inquiries, eliminate manual work and streamline processes for your agents. All in over 100+ languages.

  • Build and manage your own conversational AI
  • API connections for end-to-end process automation
  • Native Giosg integration for seamless handoff to agents
  • Provide 24/7 multilingual customer service

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Guide your agents through complex cases

Suggest responses for your Giosg agents in real time. Resolve cases faster and give higher quality support. Let your agents train your AI as they work, with each selection improving the accuracy of your automated and suggested responses. 

  • Reduce average handle times (AHTs) by over 30%
  • Scale number of agent cases per hour by over 25%
  • Improve CX with more on-brand answers and happier agents
  • AI keeps learning to grow your automation level

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Be agile with actionable customer service analytics

Use real-time insights into key customer inquiries and topic trends to improve your automation level, your customer experience and your business. Get analytics directly in your Giosg platform and your Dashboard.

  • Track AI and agent performance in real time
  • Identify case volumes and trends
  • Give your admins x-ray vision to tackle problems at the source, before they impact more customers 

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Customer service automation for Giosg Live Chat in 3 easy steps
Install App 48


Install the App

Chat to our team about getting started with our native integration. can be installed in a few easy clicks.

Self Learning 48


AI trains on your chat data

Train your AI automatically using your historical customer service data - no costly setup needed. Start generating ROI in days instead of months.

Rapid Deployment 48


Automate your customer service

Automate repetitive cases and guide your agents with answer recommendations. Scale your team and improve CX with 24/7 multilingual customer support.

Complete toolkit for world-class customer service automation in Giosg Live Chat

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