Why use Ultimate & Dixa?

When you integrate Ultimate’s powerful virtual agent platform with Dixa’s customer-centric CRM, these are the benefits you can expect to see

  1. For your customers

    Experience fast, personalized, more joyful customer support — at any time of day, in 109 languages.

  2. For your CS agents

    Give your team the tools they need to manage high volumes and seasonal surges, while freeing agents from repetitive, manual tasks.

  3. For your business

    Streamline operations, increase efficiency, and save costs with automation rates of up to 60%.


Headless approach

Avoid data silos and disruptions to your tech stack with a virtual agent that sits inside Dixa & becomes the most productive member of your team.


Multilingual support

Take your customer service global with 24/7 support in up to 109 languages.

No code, no problem

Think of Ultimate as the no-code automation platform to go with Dixa’s low-code customer help desk solution.


Safety & security

Your data is safe with us: Ultimate is GDPR compliant (Just like Dixa!)

Get started with your Ultimate & Dixa integration


1. Import historical data

Use our AI-powered Automation Explorer to determine your most frequently asked questions, giving you a data-driven roadmap of where to start automating.


2. Create interactive dialogue flows

Make chatting with your customers a joy using buttons, links, and image carousels to keep the conversation flowing — in 109 languages.


3. Improve agent productivity

Automate tagging & updating custom fields to indicate contact reason, customer information, and more.


4. Add custom API integrations

Offer even more personalization and empower your customers to self-serve by connecting your virtual agent with your back office systems.


5. Train your virtual agent

Use our AI-powered Training Center to help your bot answer queries even more accurately as time goes on.


5. Measure automation success

Build reports and evaluate your virtual agent's performance in our analytics dashboard.


Maximize your automation ROI

Use our AI-powered Automation Explorer to analyze your past support data. It’ll produce a free personalized report that includes your most common customer requests and how many hours of agent time you could save by automating them.  

Analyze your support data