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AI for eCommerce & Retail

Transform customer returns into return customers's customer service automation platform takes some work off your agents' hands. Automate repetitive shopper requests in any language and lower your costs.

Empowering the worlds largest contact centres

Customer Service Automation for eCommerce

Compensation 48
Reduce Costs

Solve more tickets without increasing the team

Respect 48
Delight Shoppers

Support customers 24/7 with faster replies and hand over complex issues to the right agent

Contextual Conversations 48
All within your CRM

Elevate your support processes without changing tools

AI Chatbot for eCommerce

Delight shoppers with on-brand, immediate answers

Automate your written eCommerce conversations - with an AI bot that supports your customers whenever they need it: 

  • Automate up to 80% of repetitive shopper requests
  • Handle seasonal retail spikes
  • Provide 24/7 support to store visitors, chat or social
  • Offer shoppers an easy agent-handoff

Because your agents’ time is better spent on more complex, high-value shopper experiences.

Agent Suggestions

Improve agent productivity with on-brand responses

With our trained AI for eCommerce, agents see real-time answer recommendations. That way, your conversations turn to conversions faster.

  • Personalized, faster on-brand support
  • More ecommerce queries handled per hour
  • Shared chat transcript between bot and agent

Your support team is optimized while store visitors and their shopping carts get the attention they deserve.

Instant resolutions to your shopper requests

  • Conversation Logs 48
    Order Management
  • Stock 48
    Sales & Promotions
Conversation Logs 48
Order Management
  • Track order status
  • Change delivery details
  • Manage missing items
  • Provide return labels
  • Manage refunds
Stock 48
Sales & Promotions
  • Manage coupons and promotions
  • Clarify payment methods
  • Edit shopping carts
  • Access receipts and invoices
  • Check product availability

Start automating shopper experiences today

The only AI platform that sits in your CRM

Customer service automation doesn’t have to be complicated.  With a seamless integration into your favorite CRM, agents have all they need at their fingertips and won't need to waste time with switching systems.


Lasse Huttunen
We launched in early December and by Christmas was automating +80% of customer requests in our Christmas chat line. It was a no brainer! Lasse Huttunen, Director Strategy & Developmt., Posti

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