Rapid Deployment 48

Rapid setup

Launch your customer service automation within weeks

It’s not just the setup that’s fast. Almost everything about ultimate.ai is rapid. Rapid setup, rapid integration, rapid results.

Unlock your data and go live with AI in weeks. The fastest deployment method in the market today.

Rapid training

Get customer service automation in under 3 weeks

Our unique clustering algorithms automatically find common cases, workflows and training data from your historical conversations. Go live with AI in days vs. months.

Go global

Scale to new languages and channels with ease

Start in one language, then take it global. Our AI performs at native fluency in all languages and text-channels. Duplicate bots to new geographies with ease and use chat models to launch email automation.

Autonomous learning

AI learns from your agents as they work

ultimate.ai learns from every interaction and gets better over time, with a model trained on your real conversations. Keep growing your automation level and your ROI, without the need for costly training.

We chose ultimate.ai for the strength of their technology and their multi-language capabilities. Satu Karaksela, Digital Customer Services, Finnair
  • +46% Faster first response times
  • +31% Faster average response times
  • +25% More cases handled per hour

CRM integrations

Ready integrations to leading CRMs.

ultimate.ai is a trusted partner of leading CRMs. Install ultimate.ai directly from your app store, or contact our team, to start AI powering your customer service.

Industry modules 1

Industry modules

Pre-trained industry modules for a quick start

Ready-to-go industry modules get you state-of-the-art performance, straight out of the box. Refine models with your own data, or go live with customer service automation data-free.

Self hosted or cloud 1

Deploy anywhere

Scalable, containerized solution for multi-cloud deployments

Fully containerized environment lets you run ultimate.ai on premise or using your preferred cloud provider. Only available on our Enterprise Plan.

Experience the world's leading customer service AI platform in your business.

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