How S-Bank automated 70% of chats with AI

S-Bank offers personal and professional banking services to 3.1 million customers. S-Bank is committed to leveraging the latest technologies in order to deliver exceptional customer experiences.


  • S-Bank went live with AI in under 3 weeks
  • Suggested responses boosted agent performance and trained the automation AI autonomously
  • Over 70% of chats were handled by AI without intervention from a customer support agent
  • S-Bank increased chat availability hours over 300% to 24/7 chat support
  • 2.5x increase in volume of incoming chats, with zero increase in headcount

The Challenge

Chat is S-Bank’s newest and fastest growing customer service channel. With chat volumes rising and a limited number of human resources allocated, S-Bank could only provide a fraction of the service they aspired to offer to their customers. Chat support had limited availability: it was set to weekdays-only and within specific opening hours.

S-Bank’s company-wide goal is to become an industry leader in the delivery of chat customer service, an increasingly popular channel with a new generation of customers. S-Bank was looking for an AI partner to help them achieve this ambition, while also using technology to control the cost of the department.

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Why benefits a number of S-Bank’s stakeholders, including internal customer support agents, managers, and most importantly, customers. Customer support agents have more time to focus on complex cases while AI handles the repetitive work, managers internally report on improved KPIs and real-time customer input, and customers love being supported 24/7 in their native language.

Get customer service automation in under 3 weeks. Interested in finding out the impact automation can have on your customer service? Get in touch with our sales team for a free ROI estimate.

Seamless Path To Automation algorithms trained on S-Bank’s past conversations and automatically identified cases to respond to. The AI was live in just 3 weeks.

S-Bank also worked directly with a dedicated customer success manager provided by This AI product expert supported S-Bank in achieving their goals, from setup through to optimisation.

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A Unique Route To Automation

S-Bank effectively utilised’s unique Human + AI deployment approach.

AI is initially deployed as an agent-facing solution, making low risk to implement in any enterprise with a Customer Support team. Agents receive suggested responses to customer queries, which they can modify before sending. This saves the agents time by providing easy access to answers, boosts performance as they are able to handle more support chats per hour, and improves customer satisfaction.

Agents train the AI by selecting and modifying the suggested responses. The AI autonomously grows in accuracy over time. Once the AI has received enough data to have a high accuracy rate for answering customer questions, automation is turned on and the AI becomes a customer-facing tool.

This is an organic and effortless route to harnessing the power of automation for large enterprises in the 21st Century.’s unique deployment method was fast, easy and low risk. Suggested responses supported our agents in their everyday work, while also training the AI effortlessly. Turning on automation was easy, with a customer-ready solution that was solving cases from day one. Mari Nurminen, Development Manager, S-Bank

Get customer service automation in under 3 weeks. Interested in finding out the impact automation can have on your customer service? Get in touch with our sales team for a free ROI estimate.

The Results

In 4 months, was automating over 70% of incoming chats, providing customers with instant resolutions. Freed from repetitive work, agents were able to focus on complex cases while being supported with suggested answers by AI. S-Bank scaled to 24/7 customer service, and exceeded industry standards. They were able to do this with no increase in headcount, and additionally save significant chat resources which could be allocated elsewhere within the business.

Scaling Your Team With AI

The benefits to using automation in customer support go beyond shorter response times and higher resolution rates.

Automation can assist agents in providing customers with an enriched experience. According to Gartner, 25% of customer service and support operations will use virtual customer assistants or chatbots by 2020.

Customers increasingly expect instant service around the clock, while communicating in their native language with businesses. Automation can help teams provide exceptional experiences that meet these customer needs without increasing headcount. Agents have more time to focus on providing better customer service, and are happier and more fulfilled at work. Businesses like S-Bank prove this is an attainable goal within one fiscal quarter, even at the enterprise level.

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What's Coming Next

S-bank is delighted with the results and continues to scale their use of Chat continues to grow in popularity with customers, and S-Bank is confident that as volumes rise, customers can be met with instantaneous support when they need it most. With automation, S-Bank is now delivering world-class experiences to their customers. has helped us scale our customer service. Chat is our fastest growing channel and as our volumes have increased our automation rate stays consistently high, with most cases resolved without the need for an agent, enabling us to relocate resources elsewhere. Today, our customer service has no capacity limitations and we provide support 24/7. Mari Nurminen, Development Manager, S-Bank

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