How provided instant, 24/7 support in 4 languages without hiring a single extra agent

A mobile phone screen showing online games. landed a customer support jackpot with automation, using it to scale their multilingual support without extra staffing and to smoothly handle a sudden volume surge during Covid-19 at a glance


The industry

iGaming, Grand Casino Baden's first ever online casino in Switzerland


The market

Small country, many languages: German, English, Italian & French

for Campo - 2 (the nicer one)

The support team

11 employees - before and after automation


The monthly volumes

2,000 overall (60% German, 30% French, 5% each Italian and English)


The solution

Chat automation




Automating chat with Ultimate

After setting up their support with just email, Customer Service Manager Urs Klingler and his  team began thinking about adding live chat as a channel. But they simply didn’t have enough agents to staff it.

Then, when Covid hit, volumes rose dramatically, and keeping up with emails and live chat requests was proving impossible for the agents. 

So took the leap to chat automation with Ultimate.

"Chat automation led to better, faster support, and even more options for customers to self-serve."

Urs Klingler
Customer Service Manager,

The use cases


Weathering a sudden volume surge

to improve AHT and customer satisfaction


OOH support

to improve availability and CX


Handling large volumes without extra staffing

to preserve costs and CX consistency

“One of the problems in Switzerland is we have to serve 4 different languages, and it's a very small country. So we would have needed 3-4x as many agents to cover all of them without automation.“

Urs Klingler
Customer Service Manager,

Success in numbers

Support 24/7
Languages 4
Chats deflected 45%

Automation use case spotlight: account verification

  • Unblocking an account:’s virtual agent instantly helps customers whose accounts have been blocked figure why, then walks them through the necessary steps to unlock the account.

  • Verifying an account: In this flow, the virtual agent collects any relevant information necessary to verify a customer, reducing waiting and handle times.

Use case spotlight: managing a sudden volume surge

  • 45% of chat requests are deflected by the virtual agent

  • The virtual agent understands 88% of incoming chat requests with high confidence

  • This is great news for handle times and customer CX because it means that simple requests are quickly resolved and the virtual agent can understand with a very high level of precision what customers are asking for, minimizing friction and frustration.

The best parts of our solution, according to

for Campo - 2 (the nicer one)

Headcount stability

Automation saved the team from having to triple in size



Our AI can understand and respond to over 100 languages


Quick and easy setup

Getting started in only a few weeks was easier than expected


Native integration with Zendesk

Thanks to our one-click integration

"We can now cover out of office hours and provide 24/7 support. The chatbot covers the first contact point, requests information from customers up-front, then provides agents with the context they need to solve customer issues."

Urs Klingler
Customer Service Manager,

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