How Cox & Cox's virtual agent empowered customers around the clock


After automating their support with Ultimate, Cox & Cox was able to offer its customers round-the-clock support while staying true to its boutique philosophy.

CRM Integration
Automation rate 60%
Going live < 4w


  • Ultimate’s virtual agents were live within 3-4 weeks
  • Their virtual agent reached a 60% automation rate
  • The onboarding process was swift and seamless

The Customer: Empowering its customers to embrace their individual style

Based in Frome, ecommerce business Cox & Cox operates out of one of the most picturesque villages in the UK. It offers carefully hand-selected homeware products to customers all over the world, empowering them to discover and nurture their individual style.

Cox & Cox is a medium sized company, and currently has 21 agents handling requests via email, phone, and social media. The customer success team receives an average of 8,000 phone requests, and roughly 15,000 emails each month.

The Situation: So many requests, so little time

Anticipating a growing volume of customer support requests via email and phone, Cox & Cox wanted to be proactive in ensuring its customers’ needs were met on the spot without sacrificing the high-quality customer support experience essential for a business specializing in unique products and style.

Time was of the essence, and automating repetitive requests to free up human agents for more meaningful tasks seemed like a no-brainer.

“It wasn't just about reducing the volume of requests. It was about broadening the customer experience so they could contact us through whichever way fits them and their lifestyle,” notes Audrey Huot, Head of Customer Service at Cox & Cox.

The Solution: Chat automation to handle repetitive tasks, 24/7

After approaching Ultimate and learning about its holistic automation solutions, Cox & Cox was able to hit the ground running within less than a month.

Ultimate was able to guide Cox & Cox through the onboarding process both quickly and reliably because its user-friendly software and a first-rate customer success program worked seamlessly in tandem.

What set Ultimate’s approach apart from its competitors, according to Audrey Huot, was that “they have an amazing onboarding process. Optimizing intents to align with customers’ needs was so easy, and your customer success team was fabulous!”

After smoothly integrating into Freshworks, the company’s CRM, Ultimate’s customer success managers closely guided Huot and her team through an onboarding process tailor-made to fit their needs and capacities. As a result, Cox & Cox scaled up its customer support in a heartbeat, launching chat automation in just over three weeks.

The Success: 60% of customer requests were automated within less than a month

Thanks to Ultimate’s chat automation service, Cox & Cox is now able to self-serve its customers day and night, significantly reducing query volumes for human agents while improving the overall customer experience.

Virtual agents went live in 3 - 4 weeks, reaching a 60% automation rate.

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