How Conrad freed up its agents’ time by automating 64% of queries

After automating chat support with Ultimate, Conrad Electronic reached an automation rate of 64%, and implemented multilingual virtual agents to serve their customers 24/7.

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  • Over the course of 20 weeks, Conrad received approximately 7500 chat queries
  • After automating chat with Ultimate, they reached a 64% bot handled rate for chat requests
  • Conrad is now using a multilingual virtual agent to serve their Dutch, French, Swedish, Danish, Italian, and Polish-speaking customers 24/7
  • The electronic company remains deeply impressed by Ultimate’s Customer Success team, which went above and beyond to anticipate their needs

The Customer: Conrad Electronic offers Made-in-Germany quality to the world

Conrad is a household name when it comes to electronics. It offers high-quality “Made in Germany” products alongside globally known brands like Samsung and Nikon to over 200 countries worldwide.

Based in Hirschau, Bavaria, Conrad’s customer care center has 100 agents providing native-level support to Western Europe (excluding DACH), while around 40 of their colleagues serve Eastern Europe, including Poland and the Czech Republic.

“Comprehensive and competent worldwide customer service” is a key aspect of the brand’s customer experience, so Conrad wanted to aim for the very best by automating their multilingual customer support.

The Situation: Problems don’t stick to office hours (and agents needed more time to focus on complex technical issues)

Electronics are firmly embedded in our private and professional lives: In 9 out of 10 cases, a broken laptop requires immediate attention. Yet before automating, customer support at Conrad was only available during office hours from 8am to 5pm.

Because support requests at Conrad can also get quite technical and complex in nature, the company needed to free its human agents from having to provide general and repetitive information that could, in some cases, be found on their FAQ page.

The Solution: Chat automation for round-the-clock, multilingual support

At Conrad, there‘s no such thing as a stupid question. Literally. That’s because a bot is handling them all. Queries like order returns and invoice requests, which make up around 40% of Conrad’s monthly chat requests, have been handled by their virtual agent.

You guys really listen to your customers.
Kevin van de Riet, Information Systems Specialist, Conrad

Besides the quick and easy implementation, and consistent support from Ultimate’s Customer Success Team, Conrad profited from a Zendesk integration that felt “smooth as butter,” according to Kevin van de Riet, their Information Systems Specialist.

“I am a huge fan of Ultimate’s solution! I would definitely recommend it," added van de Riet, who was impressed not only by the Dialogue Builder’s quick and simple setup, but the many opportunities to train his bot using Ultimate’s Training Center.

“One of the great benefits of working with Ultimate is that we now have better and faster insights into our customer needs.”

The Dialogue Builder and Cards & Carousels are awesome.
Kevin van de Riet, Information Systems Specialist, Conrad

The Success: Easy integration, a 64% bot handled rate, and 24/7 chat

Of Conrad’s 7500 chat requests over the past 20 weeks, around 3000 have been handled by a virtual agent thanks to Ultimate. Agents have been freed up to provide technical support to customers from around the globe, with optimal ROI provided during implementation and setup through a native integration with Zendesk.

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