ActiveCampaign at a glance


The customer

Leading SaaS platform, trusted by 150,000+ businesses around the world to deliver better marketing automations.


The market

With a global customer base, ActiveCampaign offers support in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.


The support team

Over 100 agents, divided into to level 1 and level 2 teams, support ActiveCampaign’s global customer base.


The channels

ActiveCampaign manages sales as well as support through webform, email, web chat, and in-app chat.


The situation

High transfer rates between different departments was slowing AHT and creating manual work for agents.


The solution

They launched chat automation after a one-click integration with their CRM system: Zendesk.

Getting started with Ultimate

ActiveCampaign was looking for a tool that would help them effectively route customer requests between departments. Automated self-service chat support was a secondary concern — and an unexpected bonus when they started their automation journey with Ultimate.

Match Bardford, ActiveCampaign’s Director of Global Enablement, is taking a crawl-walk-run approach to automation. The team started with just a couple of intents and only began to build out new dialogue flows once they had got these exactly right. Every two weeks, they look for more improvements to make.

“As we go into our busy season, we’re really feeling prepared because of all the work we’ve done to streamline the process.”

Match Bradford
Director of Global Enablement, ActiveCampaign

Saved monthly $55K
Drop in transfers 75%
Chat support 24/7

AI use case spotlight: instant routing

  • ActiveCampaign wanted to use automation to tackle high transfer rates between sales, support, and other departments.

  • Match and his team started by automating just two intents: book a demo (sales) and password reset (support) — and saw an instant 75% drop in manual routing. 

  • This gives agents more time to work on complex cases and frees up their sales team to focus on bringing in deals, transforming their CS from a cost center to a value center.

AI use case spotlight: proactive CS

  • For their customers’ security, ActiveCampaign started to roll out email verification when users logged in from an unknown IP address.

  • Knowing this would be disruptive, Match’s team added proactive messaging to their existing “account login issues” intent — to ask customers if they received a verification code and guide them through the new security process.

  • The 10 minutes it took to make this adjustment to an existing dialogue flow allowed their support team to deflect 24% of chat volumes for this issue.

The success story



ActiveCampaign’s bot is resolving roughly 3,100 chats each month — that adds up to $55,800 in monthly cost savings.



Building on the success of their English-language bot, Match and his team are rolling out automated chat support in Portuguese, then French, Italian, German, and Spanish.



Through a combination of deflection and process automation, ActiveCampaign feel ready to take on busy season.



ActiveCampaign started small by automating just two intents and gradually rolled out new dialogue flows and improvements.

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