How to Automate your Salesforce Service Cloud with
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Reetu Kainulainen

CEO & Co-Founder

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13:00 CET

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How to Automate your Salesforce Service Cloud with

Deliver exceptional customer service while saving costs and increasing agent satisfaction

We are deeply integrated in Salesforce Service Cloud and together, aim to drive better customer experience. We enable Salesforce customers to build great virtual agents that automate 30-70% of customer support requests across all digital support channels.

This June, we were delighted to host a digital event sharing how you can automate your Service Cloud. 

Our CEO Reetu Kainulainen demonstrated how automation can not only help you deliver exceptional customer service but also save costs and increase agent satisfaction.

Check out the recording and you'll learn about the following:

  • Using one platform to automate your multilingual global business in native fluency in 30 days, specializing in the Nordics and Eastern Europe

  • Leveraging our Impact Report to generate real-time customer service trends

  • Learning about industry’s best practices to constantly drive customer satisfaction.

  • Using our no-code AI, dialogue builder to create your bot

  • Our in-house experts will support you through onboarding, training & optimization!

Reetu Kainulainen

CEO & Co-Founder,


The ROI of Automation

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13:00 CET

Reetu Kainulainen's mission is to transform how customer service works for brands and customers worldwide

Mike McCarthy

Head of Sales,


The benefits of automating with

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13:30 CET

With a passion for creating the best solutions for customers, Mike has successfully helped many industries start their automation journey.

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