How to Get Started with Automation in Customer Service
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Sarah Al-Hussaini

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How to Get Started with Automation in Customer Service

Transform and future-proof your customer service operations

Learn from’s experts in the field of customer service automation on how to rethink customer service with automation, and how simple it is to get started.

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Customer service today demands speed and agility. Businesses face more complexity than ever, from handling customer interactions across multiple channels to supporting sophisticated products and services. 

In this free digital event, we’ll explore how customer service teams can drive transformation through automation. You’ll learn about:

  • The ROI of automation

  • How automation can address customer pain points and reduce friction

  • How to implement automated chat with minimal resources and tech skills - Powered by Zendesk integration.

Reetu Kainulainen

CEO & Co-Founder,


The ROI of automation

Time slot

17:00 CET

Reetu Kainulainen's mission is to transform how customer service works for brands and customers worldwide

Joonas Suoranta

VP Customer Success,


The four building blocks of chat automation

Time slot

17:15 CET

Joonas Suoranta holds a Masters degree in Economics and helps customer service teams to succeed for six years. The innovation enthusiast is specialised in the field of disruptive technologies and AI.

Maeve Condell

Solution Architect,


Conversation design, featuring Zendesk integration

Time slot

17:20 CET

With over five years’ experience working with Google, or Samsung to design incredible event activations, Maeve brings her passion for great customer engagement to chat automation. Her focus is on combining AI and conversation design to build clever, personalized user experiences.

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