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Tina Nord

Marketing Director

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17:00 CET

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AI Automation Webinar Available now

Customer Service on Autopilot?

Experts Explain How They Automate Their Customer Service Processes.

Freshworks and joined forces to host the leading webinar for the customer service industry in North & Central Europe in March 2020.

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We want to thank all experts for making this online event possible!

We learned how decision-makers from multinational companies like Meltwater or Freshworks implement and use automation for process optimisation. 

  • How Ticket Automation for Customer Service Works
  • How to Use Social Media to Improve Customer Service
  • How to Automate Customer Service with Conversational AI
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Raymond Hüner

General Manager Benelux & Nordics, Freshworks


Ticket Automation in Customer Service

Time slot

17:00 CET

Raymond Hüner started his IT career at IBM in 1996, where he worked until 2011. Hüner worked for HP or LinkedIn, until Freshworks came on his path in early 2019. Since March of this year he has been in charge of the activities in the Benelux and in Scandinavia.

Lays Bammesberger-profile-photo

Lays Bammesberger

Account Executive, Meltwater


Using Social Media Data to Improve Customer Service

Time slot

17:15 CET

Lays Bammesberger is an Account Executive at Meltwater, a pioneer of media intelligence. Specializing in digital transformation, Lays helps leading companies in emerging markets make better business decisions based on the use of artificial intelligence and external data.

Joonas Suoranta-profile-photo

Joonas Suoranta

VP Customer Success,


Automating Customer Service with Conversational AI

Time slot

17:30 CET

Joonas Suoranta holds a Masters degree in Economics and helps customer service teams to succeed for six years. The innovation enthusiast is specialised in the field of disruptive technologies and AI.

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