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What's the hype about chatbots?

In an interview with CEO and Co-Founder Reetu Kainulainen, he discusses the common misconceptions around chatbots.

So when it comes to chatbots, I think there was a big boom in 2005, 2006 which caused a lot of excitement around bots. There were high expectations about what chatbots should do and basically people promising that chatbots will automate everything. Why even have human conversations anymore? Chatbots can do it!

The expectations were too high: people were expecting to do 80% of automation in a way that consumers are happy. That's not possible in many cases.

Additionally, the chatbots were considered a separate thing. You should not have this separate chatbot on the corner of your website that is not connected to the actual support organization.

Many companies think chatbots are a completely new channel that is not tied to chat or instant messaging or anything and I think that's where you start having bad experiences.

Because in the end it's just a machine that tries to understand what the consumer says and provides a simple answer and really often that answer is not good enough.

What about chatbot automation? Is there still potential?

There is something to automation. But you should do it in a way that you only automate when the consumer - when you can provide something for the consumer. Something valuable: resolve the case or give more information. And make it really seamless. And also you need to connect these solutions within the existing processes and the existing data.

So I feel like — now we're in this phase of moving from these simple chatbots into more automation platforms, which are more holistic. They automate not just the conversations but many of the admin processes and they do that across the channels, customers are using. And of course across languages.

This way, you can actually achieve automation with great customer experience, where you don't just try to automate as many conversations you can— but you try to automate as many processes as you can.

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