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What's the hype about chat personalization?

In an interview with CEO and Co-Founder Reetu Kainulainen, he outlines how to personalize chat experiences.

We all know these chatbot experiences where you want to know if you can return an item, and then they just blast you this giant block of text like, "here's our policy!" That's not really a great experience, right? So, adding personalization is super important.

The best way to do that is first to have access to the information of this customer. You can't personalize until you know who the person is who's reaching out. The key here is that if you are connected to the CRM—we have access to all the data.

How does the CRM help with personalization?

[With a CRM] we see that, hey, maybe this customer is logged in, so maybe we get their name already, maybe if they have VIP status. We see the domain or the language they're coming from.

So, we can even at the beginning of the message—without the user saying anything—we can already start the personalization. Like: Hey Reetu. Welcome back. How can I help you?

And once you have this order number. You check: oh this is over 14 days or less than 14 days. You say, "Hey, for this particular item you can actually return it, because you ordered it two days ago." And that's a great experience. In the end, if you save all these sessions into the CRM, then the virtual agent can access those later.

If the customer comes to chat and you see that this customer - actually, let's say two hours ago - sent an email, then you can address that. "Hey, I actually see that you contacted us two hours ago," and maybe you even bump up the priority. You say, "Okay, how can I help you?"

It's tiny little things, but if you really want to move the industry towards [a place] where automation actually can drive customer experience, then personalization is the key.

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