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Conversation Design Best Practices - Power of Integrations

Mai Belbesy, Customer Engineer at ultimate.ai, leads us through backend system Integration potential to optimize the conversation design.

Hi I'm Mai customer engineer at ultimate.ai. I empower the virtual agents to communicate with your backend system and simulate the behavior of a real agent.

Today i'm going to speak about improving conversation design. We know no one likes to speak to a machine and our goal as a customer engineer is to improve this experience and empowering this virtual agent to speak seamlessly with your backend systems and literally simulate the behavior of your real human agents. Part of empowering your virtual agent is giving them the ability to speak to different systems - this could be your order management system, your warehouse system, it could be knowing, updating or actually checking the policies that you have. Today we don't have to manually do that - your virtual agent can automatically get the up-to-date information just like your human agents. We know sometimes robots can be very technical and it's not really human friendly - my job is to make it more friendly for your users. Part of improving the conversation design is to make it sound more natural - we also know that it might take some time for your human agents to get a certain information but your virtual agent can do that in seconds.

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We do know that every company has its own processes and my job as a customer engineer is to step into your company learn your processes and map this to your virtual agent by learning exactly what are your processes and what are your policies. We can now empower your virtual agent to be tailored to you and personalize as per your company needs. A good example that we learn from our e-commerce customers: users come to the chat very frustrated that they got their wrong item, the virtual agent needs to check if they want to exchange it and if this is true then they need to check your stock system to check if the size that the customer wants or wants to exchange with is already available in your system and this could be done in seconds. It doesn't need any human interaction, just need access to your backend systems and we know when your user gets the right information from your different systems definitely they got what they need they're not frustrated from your services and definitely you're having now a satisfied customer.

Now more than ever we need better customer service online we do everything online we order online we do all our businesses online and definitely we need better customer service online by improving conversation design we achieve that and we empower you to provide the best service online.

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