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Conversation Design Best Practices - How to Align Bots and CS Teams

Conversation Design Best Practices - How to Align Bots and CS Teams

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At ultimate.ai, the Customer success team is here to help you not just to build a bot but create a virtual agent to help your customer service team and your customers.

Think about the impact on Customer Experience

Think about the Bot as one of your agents, it will represent your brand so it should have a persona and a tone of voice as well. It should be designed carefully to match your brand so that the customer experience will stay cohesive across all contact points.

Think about Flows with the Customer and the Customer Service Team

When we start designing the conversational flows, we want to make sure that it is an interaction between the bot and a customer so that it does not feel too robotic.

Also it is very good to think about your escalation strategy so that in those cases where the bot alone is not able to solve the customer enquiry, it comes down either to escalate to customer service or to offer the customer a possibility to submit a ticket via chat so that one of your teams can return to (the customer) at a later stage

Our solution architects are here to support you throughout your ultimate journey.

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