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Post-Covid Customer Experience Expectations I Harald Henn

Harald Henn explains why customers of today value their service experience more than ever before, and why they’re willing to pay more for it.

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In this interview with our customer experience expert Harald Henn, we learn about why customers are willing to spend more for a better customer service experience, and how teams can meet this growing expectation from the customers. This interview is an extract from our full interview with Harald for our Navigating Customer Service 2021 Guide.

Why do you think that COVID has made customers value customer experience more than ever?

Harald: The distance is having a severe impact on my trust as a customer -- the confidence, the questions I do have. So the more distance I have physically, the more a company needs to address those trust issues, confidence issues, security issues. And that's why the number that you mentioned, which has increased, will even I think, increase more in the future because customers want to have the confidence and the insurance that the distance will not have a negative impact on the buying and the self-service issues that they do have.

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It's been shown that 17% of customers are willing to pay more for a good experience. How do you see this unfolding as we enter 2021?

Harald: The main issue is trust, confidence. And if I have to, if I have the feeling that somebody is treating me fairly, not eating up my time, and is easy to do business with, so I'm willing to spend, of course, more money with that person, with that company than with somebody who was continuously eating up my time, it’s unfair treatment, I have a lot of requests, they are not answered in time, and all that kind of issues. So it's balancing between a value from both sides., and that's if I feel appreciated and valued and I'm happy to spend more money with that company.

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What customer service technology tools are integral for fast, convenient, helpful and friendly customer service, would you say?

Harald: Self-service is something that customers really appreciate and like, provided the self-service is working. The technology behind should make it as easy as working with Google. If you look at somebody who's working with Google, he types in the question that he has on his mind, how do I do this, and this, and this, with that system, when I have this kind of issue? And that is the kind of service they expect from a company with self services. So behind that, it needs to have a system, which understands the intent of the customer. And the context, in which context does he act, and what does he want to achieve? So this can only be handled and provided by using AI technology, otherwise, it's not going to work.

The front-end technology can either be a chatbot or a Google-like window where you just type in your request, which is kind of chatbot technology. And in the background, it needs to have an awful lot of connections to your CRM system, to your databases, logistics and so forth, in order to understand and provide the right information. And all that is only possible today with AI technology.

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