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Human Touch to CS Impresses a New Deezer Customer-For-Life

Presenting the first feature in our series: a feel-good CS story about a Deezer customer service agent who spent 3 hours helping an elderly gentleman use their app (and even his phone!), and created a loyal customer with her extreme patience and care.

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Welcome to Heroes of Customer Service - Heartwarming, feel-good stories that shine the light on those who go above and beyond the call of duty.

When Aline Giazzon arrived at work on April 1, 2020, she expected to encounter the usual customer inquiries: why isn’t my card working?, please help me troubleshoot this issue with the app, etc.

So when Ivan from Brazil got in touch saying he couldn’t log into his account, she assumed that it would be a simple interaction where she could send him some simple step-by-step instructions and resolve his issue.

Well, it wasn’t quite as simple as that.

The man -- who Aline quickly realized was in his 70s -- was having a lot of trouble following Aline’s instructions.

She persisted. She sent him screenshots and articles. She suggested he ask his son for help.

After nearly two hours, the man was still unable to log in to his account.

“At that moment I couldn't just say, ‘I'm sorry, there's nothing else I can do for you,’” explains Aline. “Because I thought if it was my father, I would be so grateful if someone was patient helping him. I know how technology can be hard for elderly people.”

Aline then called Ivan over Whatsapp and asked him to show her his computer screen. Things got even more complicated from there.

The man didn’t really know how to use his phone, first of all. Aline did her best to direct him in how to turn his camera around to show her his computer screen, and how to open the app, how to update the app, and even how to take a selfie for his profile picture.

In total, Aline spent over three hours over chat and on the phone with her customer. When she finished her shift for the day, she looked at her phone and noticed another message from the customer. Uh oh, she worried. Was he going to be messaging her constantly?

Aline needn’t have worried -- instead, the man simply said he was so happy with the support he’d received that he planned to upgrade his account. He added that Deezer should be proud to have a service agent like Aline as part of its family.

A human touch can make all the difference in CS

Deezer doesn’t make a practice of offering customer service phone calls since the company doesn’t have a call center, and agents would need to do so from their personal mobile phones. Despite this, Aline Giazzon decided to make an exception. When she could see that they weren’t getting anywhere through messaging, she called Ivan using her personal phone over Whatsapp, to facilitate an easier method of conversing for this man.

This extra step is an excellent example of a CS agent using technology to add a human touch to a customer conversation. When it becomes obvious that one type of technology isn’t facilitating an effective dialogue, moving to a different one -- even if it’s not the norm within the CS team’s processes -- can both solve the problem and delight the customer, as occurred in this case.

Patient conversations create loyal customers

Aline’s manager was happy that she had taken the extra time and effort with her customer to resolve his issue and leave him with a pleasant feeling from the experience. And her efforts paid off even further: just a few months later, Aline was promoted to Customer Care Manager.

Aline and her patient customer care perfectly embodies what we celebrate here at Heroes of CS: someone who looks past old-fashioned KPIs like lowering their average call handling time and approaches CS with a different attitude: what if this customer was my family member? It’s oh-so-simple, oh-so-human, and it’s just what we need in this increasingly digital age.

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