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How to Create the Ultimate Dialogue Flow

At Ultimate, a critical part of your chat automation setup is creating conversations between your virtual agent and your customers. Here’s how to get started, in just 5 easy steps.

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Ever prepped for a huge presentation the night before? Needed to admit to a friend you forgot their birthday? Or tell a customer their nephew’s Christmas present got lost in the mail?

Smooth and effective communication takes a lot of work and brain power.

So what if you could just show up with all the right answers?

At Ultimate, one of the most important parts of your chat automation setup is creating conversations between your virtual agent and your customers.

With our no-code Dialogue Builder, there are no limits to your support. You can be there for your customers 24/7 and service them in over 100 languages - in just 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Integrate your CRM

Smoothly integrate with your CRM in just one click, then import your past support or live chat data to help you prioritize what to automate first. Typically, you’ll want to start with your customers’ most frequent queries and pain points.

Step 2: Map out your conversation

In a dialogue flow, blocks combine to form scenarios - use them to plan out every possible route the conversation could go down.

You can choose from different types of blocks, including visitor messages, bot messages, escalation blocks, and linked replies.

Say you’re in ecommerce. After connecting your CRM and analyzing your support data, you might have discovered that one of your most common requests are coming from customers that would like to update their account information.

In order to create a conversation flow for this issue, or intent, you’ll need to create a new intent in your Ultimate dashboard called “update account information”.

Take your conversation design to new levels

Step 3: Customize your UX

Next, use bot messages to ask your customer which type of information they’d like to change. Did they move homes? Get a new email address? Or change bank accounts? You can select buttons or free text input to collect this information. And with a Zendesk integration, customers can even upload images.

Step 4: Wrap up end-to-end, or close with an escalation flow

If you have an API integration in place, your bot can update information like a new email address automatically. Hello, improved resolution rates!

In many cases, an update account information intent can be resolved entirely end-to-end: You won’t ever need a human agent to step in.

Sometimes, your bot may be all out of words. And that’s OK! There are certain situations in which you’ll want your human agents to take over.

Sensitive information, like bank account details, may be best handled by your human agents.

Instead of updating this information automatically, you can use escalation nodes to connect your customer with the next available agent.

Changes in your home address may require uploading certain documents. In this case, triggering an email ticket may be the best way to go forward.

Step 5: Dress rehearsal

Before going live, you can test your conversation flows by using the demo bot widget in your Ultimate dashboard.

Bonus points for end flows: These ready-to-use dialogue flows are saved in your templates folder, and can collect customer feedback at the end of every conversation.

Ready to elevate conversations with your customers?

Check out our Knowledge Base for the most common questions asked about our Dialogue Builder.

Get inspired by how ecommerce platform PURELEI reached a 50% deflection rate by leveraging easy-to-use templates from our no-code Dialogue Builder.

And remember while AI is great at helping human agents with support, there are some things that will always require a human touch. Our 100% human Customer Success team will be at your side from chat automation kick-off to roll-out, so you can create top-notch dialogue flows together, and more.

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