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What is NPS - the Net Promoter Score?

A net promoter score is a metric used by many industries to establish the loyalty of a customer to a brand.

An NPS is a metric used to evaluate customer loyalty or customer satisfaction — usually measured by asking recent consumers to complete a single question survey. Attaching numbers 0 to 10 to assigned values ranging from "not at all likely" to "very likely," the single question survey generates a percentage rating, which allows a business to then assign them a score. These scores usually range from -100 to 100, with a higher score being more desirable. People are then split into three categories: promoters, passives, and detractors. Having as many promoters as possible should be the end goal for every business.

What a High NPS Means for Your Business

A high NPS score is a direct indication that your business is consistently pleasing its customers. This means what the company is currently doing is working and that they should continue down that path to keep earning enthusiastic consumers. Working towards a high NPS should be something that all businesses are focused on. The higher the score the better and the more likely your business will be able to find new customers through means such as word-of-mouth marketing.

Improving NPS via Quality Customer Service

The main way that a business can improve its NPS is by focusing on delivering exemplary service. The happier a business makes its customers, the more likely customers are to stick around and recommend the business to others. Asking follow-up questions and reaching out to those who have left a bad rating can help consumers change their mind about your business and give your products or services another chance. The same goes for people who have left more passive feedback. Following up with them can also benefit a business's NPS and result in a greater level of customer retention. By putting the consumer first, a business can work to improve its customer service procedures and increase its NPS.

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