What actually is Customer Service Experience?

Customer service experience focuses on making a customer's experience with support services as good as it can be.

Traditionally, customer service and customer experience are two different but related things. Customer experience is the whole journey a customer shares with a business, from discovering their product to buying it, using it and, hopefully, coming back to the brand. It is about the whole connection a client has with a brand; it is usually measured by net promoter score (NPS), an index measuring how likely customers are to recommend the company to others. Customer service is one part of that larger experience: it entails the one-on-one interactions a customer may have with the company when they need support. It is monitored through the customer satisfaction score (CSAT).

According to Oracle Rightnow, 73 % of customers who leave a brand do so because they are dissatisfied with customer service.

Customer Service Experience can make or break a relationship

So, essentially, Customer Service Experience (CSE) focuses on the experience a client gets specifically when interacting with customer service and support. It is extremely important for any business to get CSE right: according to Oracle Rightnow, 73 % of customers who leave a brand do so because they are dissatisfied with customer service. By 2020, customer experience will become the main brand differentiator, above price and product even, says a Walker study.

Customer Service Experience is a balancing act

Today, brand interaction happens on many different channels: the good old phone call, email and helpdesk, as well as FAQs and knowledge bases, social media posts, messaging apps, you name it.

Customer service can be private or public; it can take place on more than one channel at once; it entails self-help as well as one-on-one conversations; it must strike a balance between scripted interactions, to efficiently tackle basic problems, and unscripted, tailored conversations that answer a customer's specific needs. This last one is particularly important in the era of human-machine communication: chatbots can handle the bulk of scripted customer service. According to Hubspot, by 2020, 85 % of the customer-company relationship will be managed with no human interaction. Better make these bots the best customer service there is.


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