Conversation Design Best Practices - What is a good Conversation Flow

Marika Svennblad, Solution Architect at, leads us through best practices in Conversation Flow.

People do ask me what makes a conversational flow great and I often start by thinking about the brand persona, this helps me to form a better picture of who is communicating and what is their personality and tone of voice.

Make it as natural as possible

Secondly I do think of all the different layers that contribute to the user experience - A conversation between bots and humans is really based on how people communicate in real life and personalized exchanges, interactions that flow forward naturally is something that we really do want to see. Just like humans, bots can listen and understand customers' issues, respond effectively by providing advice or even ask follow up questions for more details from the customer’s side if and wherever necessary.

    Conversation design is not just about one only conversation but about all the conversations

    And then, of course, similar to human-to-human conversations, bot-to-human conversations don’t always go as planned and the users can even break the pre-designed flows by asking questions that are outside of your initial scope. In these critical places, if you design your flows effectively, you can potentially make or break the user experience.

      Our solutions architects here at are here to tell you more about conversational design, contextual understanding and much more during the whole process.


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