Partner Story: Meet giosg gives customer service agents the AI tools they need to provide faster, smarter responses

March 19, 2018


Company name


Partner type

Chat platform


Finland, Sweden, UK

The pitch

A fast-growing European platform-provider, giosg chat-enables over 650 businesses across 12 countries, handling 35 million unique users every month.

Since it’s inception, giosg has been technology-first. The team were early in identifying the transformative effects AI could have in customer communications: intelligence, speed, personalisation and automation were all key themes that giosg was committed to bring to its clients. However, with the company scaling as fast as it was — onboarding key brands such as DHL, Savills, Delta and Electrolux — technical (wo)manpower had to be focused on the existing roadmap.

Natural Language Processing is a big problem; it requires single-minded focus, a pool of deeptech talent and most importantly time to solve. giosg didn’t have time. Their clients were early-adopters and innovators. giosg needed a way to AI power their chat solutions from Day 1.


giosg’s partnership with has been a huge success. The two have collaborated closely since early-2017 (at the inception of customer service AI) and have numerous joint clients. As well as being able to offer state of the art customer service AI tools for their existing clients, giosg has been able to sign new clients with the combined portfolio.

Today, is heavily involved with helping giosg technically build more AI capabilities and commercially support their sales teams in closing new client acquisitions. giosg’s deep understanding of the future of customer service has helped to laser-focus technical development in the right direction.



At, we give customer service agents the AI tools they need to provide faster, smarter responses.

Our Suggestion Engine, trained on historical chat data, works in partnership with agents, providing real-time reply suggestions. Our AI learns from agent behaviours, increasing its accuracy through use. Ultimately, the most common questions will be fully automated, freeing agents to focus on the more complex cases.

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