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"We're set on expanding our product & market offering more in 2021"

Simon Munch-Andersen has been named's new Chief Technical Officer. His mission: expanding our technical team to create more innovative products and improving our technical infrastructure.

How does it feel to have been named ultimate’s new CTO, Simon?

It’s a really great feeling to be entrusted with the responsibility to lead a major part of the company. is very much a product-driven company and it’s very exciting to be part of delivering a product that’s relying heavily on AI and handcrafted engineering.

After a few months in the company, I’ve realized how much work and elbow grease has been put into this amazing product, making me even more humble about the job ahead.

Can you tell us a bit about what your new role entails? is currently experiencing great uptake in the market. We are set on expanding our product and market offering even more in 2021. For that, we need to grow our team’s capabilities to deliver the right products faster, consistently, and in a reliable way. To make that happen, we need to change the way we work and organize ourselves internally, so that will be one of my main priorities.

Which task are you most excited to sink your teeth into?

Where to start?! There are so many fascinating topics ahead. Growing the company and seeing the existing team members take on new roles and responsibilities -- building great teams that work well together shaping innovative products, is the biggest reward in this position.

As the team grows, we will be looking at creating more specialized functions to make the engineering team more efficient and effective, like DevOps and QA-engineering. We’re also looking to change the way we manage our infrastructure and make analytics a much more fundamental part of our product offering as well as how we operate the company internally. All in all, a very exciting year lies ahead!

What are some exciting technological developments that you’re looking forward to adopting for ultimate as part of your new role?

Our platform is already based on a very modern stack, but as we’re looking at scaling its capabilities, we will be improving our container orchestration and data pipelines as well as our testing automation, and, last but not least, increasing our monitoring and alerting stack.

I'm especially looking forward to extending our data capabilities with a dedicated data engineering team and to support our general analytics capabilities while supporting our continued growth within the AI-driven automation platform.

And then, weirdly enough, I am pretty excited about our upcoming SOC2 certification.

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