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"We want to build the best product in the market."

Sarah Al-Hussaini and Reetu Kainulainen talk about their mission and vision for ultimate.ai, as well as the key factors of the companies success.

You just raised $20 Million! How do you feel?

Sarah: We feel super, super excited!

What's the first thing you'll spend the money on?

Reetu: The first thing we are going to invest in is the product. So our mission is to create amazing customer experiences through automation. We have been collaborating with our customers throughout the past years to really crystalize what is the roadmap for the future. And I am really excited about the unique opportunity to now invest and build the best product in the market. And also invest in AI because research is a core part of our company.

Thinking longer term, what's your vision for the future?

Sarah: Our vision for ultimate.ai is that the best product is going to win this market. This means bringing in the absolute best team of engineers, product designers, researchers, managers to ideate on this super tough problem. So I think recruiting is going to be a pretty big theme for us in the next few quarters.

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Looking back at your journey with ultimate.ai, what have been the three biggest factors for your success?

Reetu: We are still very early but I would say the three biggest factors of our success so far: one thing is that we have always been a technical founding team. So we haven't thrown money or people at the problem, we really tried to solve these big issues through technology.

I think the second part is the people. So we were able to attract really the best people in this industry. And I am so grateful that we hopefully in the future get to get more and more of these people in the company.

And finally of course is the customer. So we have been working really closely with the customers. From the founders to every single person in this company we have been collaborating and really building the product together. And I think that's the key thing to build something that people want.

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