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"We see companies succeed through the use of data"

Lays Bammesberger answers three questions about what attendees of our next webinar can expect from her presentation about social media data in customer service.

1. Lays, you are Account Executive at Meltwater. What does “customer obsession” mean to you?

Customer obsession is prioritizing the customer experience in every function of the organization. When you are obsessed with your customers, you start challenging ideas and processes with the end result in mind for the customer, and through that, you have a brand that understands who their customers are. When you speak your customers’ language, and understand what they want, you step away from autopilot and action accordingly every day. It’s less about the retention metrics, and more about the customer journey. But, you can’t do this if you don’t know how to interpret your customer data. So as an Account Executive at Meltwater, it’s my job to help clients do that.

2. What is your experience with data-driven customer service?

I work at Meltwater, a global leader in helping companies make better, more informed decisions based on external insights. Time and time again, we see companies succeed through the use of data, and customer service is no exception. You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and when your customers leave data crumbs, you need to be able to gather, analyse and make changes - quickly! With social media data, you can tap directly into the source, and listen to what your customers are saying in real-time.

3. What can our webinar guests expect from your presentation? What is your topic “Using Social Media Data to Improve Customer Service” all about?

I don’t use data in a conventional way. In my webinar, I will show you how companies are able to leverage conversations, trends and engagement on social media to understand who your customers are and how you should be using this data for your customer service strategy. I will share practical ways in which you can use data you already have, the data you can get, the differences between them, and how you can feed the value of both in your processes.

See Lays' full presentation "Using Social Media Data to Improve Customer Service" from the webinar which took place on March 26th 2020, 5.15 pm CET.

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