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"We provide solutions to create a wow moment”

Raymond Hüner answers three questions about what attendees of our next webinar can expect from his presentation about ticket automation with Freshworks.

Raymond, you are General Manager Benelux and Nordics at Freshworks. What does “customer obsession” mean to you?

Obsession might be a strong term, but it is bordering on obsession once you are fully aware of who you are communicating with and know as much as possible about that person. We strive to provide our customers with solutions to create “a wow moment” so that they can create their own customers for life and have them be part of a joined future. We aim to automate as much as possible of the engagement without losing the much needed personal touch these days. With AI and the power of our scalable solution we streamlining and centralising all your customer engagements.

How does Freshworks enable customer service automation?

We provide the tools that make supporting customers a breeze and increase agent efficiency with Freshdesk. When companies support customers across multiple channels like email, chat, and phone, managing the workload in each platform becomes sometimes a challenge. With Freshdesk’s Omniroute, you can balance the workload from across multiple channels in one place. We have for example our AI solution Freddy. Freddy Answer Bot gives instant and precise answers to your customer's questions helping with instant resolutions and delight your customers.

What can our webinar guests expect from your presentation? What is your topic “Ticket Automation in Customer Service” all about?

I will kick off with a short introduction of who we are but most importantly we will show a short overview of understanding ticket handling via assignments including solutions such as Freddy Answer Bot, round-robin, load balancing, skill-based routing and our omnichannel CX approach.

See Raymond's full presentation "Ticket Automation in Customer Service" from the webinar which took place on March 26th 2020, 5 pm CET.

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